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Records of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, RG 151. Records of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, RG 167. Records of the Department of Commerce and Labor in RG 174, General Records of the Department of Labor. Records of the Patent and Trademark Office, RG 241. Records of the National Production Authority, RG 277.Source U. S. Census Bureau, HS database Washington, DC U. S. Department of Commerce, Foreign Trade Division, March 2018.Is the official website of the United States Department of Commerce and Secretary of Commerce THIS IS AN ARCHIVED SITE This site contains information from January 2009-December 2014.Home · About Us; Divisions; Foreign Trade Territorial Division; Foreign Trade State. State Trading and coordination in respect of matters relating to the export of. concerning all the Public Undertakings under the Department of Commerce. Bitcoin hearing bitcoin futures trading. Functions: Promotes foreign and domestic commerce, the manufacturing and shipping industries, and the transportation facilities of the United States. Holdcamper, comp., "Preliminary Inventory of the General Records of the Department of Commerce," NC 54 (Mar. Security-Classified Records: This record group may include material that is security-classified. Records of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, RG 167. Correspondence and reports of the chief regional economist showing the development of statistical techniques for the representation of national and regional economic trends, 1944-47.Related Records: Record copies of publications of the Department of Commerce in RG 287, Publications of the U. Records of the Department of Commerce and Labor in RG 174, General Records of the Department of Labor. Correspondence and reports of Advisor on Negro Affairs Emmer Martin Lancaster concerning blacks in small businesses, 1940-53. Sweet, Director, Office of Contacts and Conferences, relating to international fairs, expositions, and conferences, 1929-46. Records of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, RG 151. Clayton Miller, Coordinator of International Cooperation Programs, 1945-48. Records of the Inland Waterways Corporation, RG 91. 40.3.7 Records of other officials Textual Records: Records of J.

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The Department formulates, implements and monitors the Foreign Trade Policy FTP. The Department is functionally organized into the following 10 Divisions.The International Trade department within ISDA is focused on helping companies. Along with this, the United States Department of Agriculture reported that in 2015. U. S. Department of Commerce · Export-Import Bank of the United States · United. and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau TTB International Affairs Division.The International Trade Administration, U. S. Department of Commerce, manages this global trade site to provide access to ITA information on promoting trade and investment, strengthening the competitiveness of U. S. industry, and ensuring fair trade and compliance with trade laws and agreements. External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or. Records of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, RG 370. Hoover in Hoover Library and in Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. Select subject files including records relating to the St.Records of the International Trade Administration, RG 489. 40.3 RECORDS OF OFFICIALS 1922-72 40.3.1 Records of Secretaries Textual Records: Correspondence, speeches, and other records of Secretaries of Commerce Robert P. Lawrence Seaway, transportation studies, the Intensive Review Committee on Census Bureau Programs (1954), and the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission, 1945-60.40.2 GENERAL RECORDS 1903-74 History: Department of Commerce and Labor established by Department of Commerce Act (32 Stat. Divided into separate Department of Commerce and Department of Labor, 1913. Textual Records: General correspondence, 1903-55 (751 ft.), with related indexes. Records of the departmental war history project, documenting activities during World War II, including correspondence, reports, and monographs, 1944-52.

Declassified correspondence and other records relating to investigations, personnel actions, and security procedures and operations, 1925-50. Letters relating chiefly to labor matters, sent by President Taft to the Department of Commerce and Labor, 1910-12. Records relating to terminated councils, committees, and boards, 1968-73. Security-classified records of Deputy Assistant Secretaries for Financial Policy Lawrence C. Dykman, 1968-69; Anthony Chase, 1969-70; and Joseph Casson, 1969-72. 40.3.5 Records of Deputy Assistant Secretaries Textual Records: Security-classified records of Deputy Assistant Secretary for Resources Stanley Nehmer, 1963-70. Security-classified records of Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade Policy Robert L. 40.3.6 Records of special assistants and deputies Textual Records: Subject files and other records of Special Assistants to the Secretary of Commerce Hyman Bookbinder, 1961-62; Clifford Rucker, 1962-63; Paul O'Day, 1968-69; Jan T. Nats broker. Foster, 1945-48; Charles Sawyer, 1948-49; Walter Williams, 1952-58; Philip A. 40.3.3 Records of Deputy Under Secretaries Textual Records: Records of Deputy Under Secretary for Transportation Lowell K. 40.3.4 Records of Assistant Secretaries Textual Records: Subject files and other records of Assistant Secretaries of Commerce Edward Eyre Hunt, 1921-31; John Dickinson, 1933-35; Robert H. Subject files of Assistant Secretary for Aeronautics John R. Subject files of the Assistant Secretary for Foreign and Domestic Commerce, David K. Security-classified records of the Assistant Secretary for Domestic and International Business, 1961-67. Roosevelt, Jr., 1963-65; Le Roy Collins, 1965-66; Howard J. Subject correspondence files and other records of Under Secretary of Commerce for Transportation Louis S. Related Records: Personal papers of Under Secretary Alfred Schindler, 1934-55, in Truman Library. Willard Jensen relating to the Special Industrial Recovery Board, 1933. Subject files of Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Affairs Henry Kearns, 1958-60. Correspondence files of the Under Secretary for Transportation, 1951-55. Subject files of Assistant Secretary of Commerce E.Records of the Emergency Planning Coordinator relating to departmental emergency readiness, 1959-63.

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Records of the Executive Secretariat including subject files, 1953-74 (378 ft.); and program operation files, 1958-74.Subject files of the Office of Policy Development, 1965-71.Security-classified records of the President's Advisory Committee on Labor-Management Policy, 1961-65. Minecraft custom trades mod 1.12.2. The U. S. monthly international trade deficit decreased in November. U. S. Census Bureau - Economic Indicators Division, International Trade.Because exports give the U. S. economy a big charge, government agencies are. Trade Administration ITA, a division of the U. S. Department of Commerce. Provided by the Foreign Trade Division of the Census Bureau.With the season of giving now upon us, recent data has revealed growing international demand for British. Latest from the Department for International Trade.

Program policy files of the director, Office of Transportation Research, 1963-65.Security-classified records relating to the Planning Board for Ocean Shipping, 1953-57.Related Records: Additional records of the Office of the Under Secretary for Transportation, Department of Commerce, in RG 398, General Records of the Department of Transportation. Chris evans rough trade. 40.4.3 Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Affairs Textual Records: Reports and other records relating to the Foreign Trade Impact Study, 1958.Reports and other records relating to the Export Origin Study, conducted by the Bureau of the Census, 1961- Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Domestic Affairs Textual Records: Subject files, 1953-62.

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40.4.5 Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs Textual Records: Security-classified subject files, 1963-72. Records relating to Commerce Technical Advisory Board panels on electrically powered vehicles, high speed ground transportation, and the international transfer of technology, 1966-69. 40.4.14 Records of the Office of International Trade Fairs History: Established in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Affairs by Departmental Order 159, January 27, 1955, to coordinate, plan, design, establish, and maintain joint industry-government exhibits at international trade fairs.40.4.6 Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Science and Technology Textual Records: Subject and chronological files, 1962-70. Correspondence files of the Office of Telecommunications, 1966-78. Records of the Interdepartmental Committee on International Exchange, 1954-56. Transferred to the Bureau of International Business Operations, 1961, and abolished, 1963.Records of the Federal Council for Science and Technology, 1960-70. Textual Records: Public information files, 1955-56. Records relating to public information and industry relations, 1955-56. Annual and five-year plans of state programs, 1966-71. Trade surplus. The U. S. Department of Commerce DOC encourages, serves and promotes the nation's international trade, economic growth and technological advancement. Within DOC, the International Trade Administration ITA promotes world trade and is the official U. S. government organization that coordinates all issues concerning trade development.In the United States, the Department of Commerce is an executive department of the federal government concerned with promoting economic growth. Among its tasks are gathering economic and demographic data for business and government decision-making, and helping to set industrial standards. This organization's main purpose is to create jobs, promote economic growth, encourage sustainable development and block harmful trade practices of other nations. The Department of Commerce headquarters is theBusiness Development Division. The Alabama Department of Commerce's Office of International Trade aids the development and promotion of exports, and.

Subject file of the Assistant General Counsel for Science and Technology, 1962-70. Became a component of newly established Business and Defense Services Administration (BDSA, SEE 489.4), 1953. Transferred to National Bureau of Standards (NBS), Department of Commerce, and redesignated Institute for Applied Technology, 1965. Colby, special assistant to the director, OTS, relating to the exchange of scientific information with communist countries, 1953-58. Industrial research and development program files, 1943-48. 40.4.16 Records of other staff organizations Textual Records: Records of the Appointment Division dealing with employee relations and facilitation of services, 1903-41.Records relating to the Inland Waterway Corporation, the Hoover Commission, and other matters, 1946-60. Redesignated National Engineering Laboratory, NBS, 1979. Textual Records: Technical information exchange correspondence, internal memorandums, and reference materials of Technology Division Chief and assistant to the director, OTS, John Weber, 1955-59. Program and policy files of the Publications Board, 1943-49. Correspondence, lists of Coast and Geodetic Survey field personnel, and personnel changes and reports of the Division of Personnel Management and Supervision, 1907-42. Terminated operations at the conclusion of the Fair and dissolution of the exhibit. 40.7.6 Records of the President's Review Committee for Development Planning in Alaska (PRCDPA) History: Established by EO 11182, October 2, 1964, as successor to the Federal Reconstruction and Development Planning Commission for Alaska (established by EO 11150, April 2, 1964).Security-classified records of the Associate General Counsel relating to antitrust issues and the Taft-Hartley Act (1947), 1941-60. Letters received by the Review Division from German scientists and American firms inquiring about work and entry into the United States ("Miscellaneous National Interest File"), 1946-51. Subject files of the Transportation Committee, 1933-34. Commission - New York World's Fair History: Established by EO 11014, April 17, 1962, and Departmental Order 180, August 7, 1962, to be responsible for the planning and execution of the U. Government exhibit at the New York World's Fair, 1964-65. Textual Records: Correspondence and administrative subject files, including photographs, 1962-65. The PRCDPA provided guidance and direction to the Federal Field Committee for Development Planning in Alaska. Abolished and superseded by the Federal Advisory Council on Regional Economic Development, by EO 11386, December 28, 1967 (SEE 40.8). Comparative advantage free trade. 40.4.9 Records of the Office of Public Information Textual Records: General records including Secretary's speech and correspondence files, subject files, and articles, 1962-68. Policy and program files of commodity supervisors and economic advisers, Technical Industrial Intelligence Division, 1945-48, relating to wartime OTS efforts to obtain information on German, Italian, and Japanese industrial processes. Lewis, 1947-57, principally Guide to the Industrialization of China, 10 vols. Files of staff members and administrative units established to formulate plans for voluntary regulation of specific industries, 1948-49. Subject files of the Office of Small Business, 1948-51. Textual Records: Correspondence and subject files, 1964-66.Records of the German Scientists Program, 1946- 53. Correspondence and press releases of the Office of the Director relating to the control of wages and prices, 1948-49. 40.4.13 Records of the Office of Strategic Information (OSI) Textual Records: General records, 1954-57. Subject files of the General Counsel, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, 1946-61. 40.7.7 Records of the National Industrial Pollution Control Council (NIPPC) History: Established by EO 11523, April 9, 1970, to advise on programs of industry relating to the quality of the environment.40.4.11 Records of the Clearing Office for Foreign Transactionsand Reports and its successor, the Balance of Payments Division Textual Records: Correspondence, reports, and other records concerning the origin and development of the continuing program for compiling statistics about the balance of payment accounts of all federal agencies, 1942-54. Security-classified subject files of the General Counsel, National Production Authority, 1950-60. NIPPC Staff established by Departmental Order 35-3, June 17, 1970.

Us department of commerce foreign trade division

Bureau of Census, Foreign Trade Division; US Customs and Border Protection. The Department of Commerce controls the export of all commodities.Department of Commerce - U. S. Commercial Service. Department of Energy - Policy and International Affairs. Department of Homeland Security - Customs and Border Protection. Department of Labor - Trade Adjustment Assistance. Department of State - Bilateral Trade Affairs. Department of State - Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. Department of State - Multilateral Trade and Agricultural Affairs. Department of State - Intellectual Property EnforcementU. S. Department of Commerce The Department of Commerce works with businesses, universities, communities, and the Nation’s workers to promote job creation, economic growth, sustainable development, and improved standards of living for Americans. Meat trade. Correspondence and reports of the WRS relating to salvage plans, 1918-19. 40.7 RECORDS OF COMMISSIONS, COUNCILS, AND BOARDS 1898-1991 40.7.1 Records of the Industrial Commission History: Established pursuant to an act of June 18, 1898 (30 Stat. Expired by statutory limitation, February 15, 1902. Textual Records: Records relating to the establishment of the council, and to its subcommittees, 1933-37; and a review of its activities, 1933-58. 40.7.4 Records of the Commerce Committee for the Alliance for Progress (COMAP) History: Established by the Secretary of Commerce, May 9, 1962, in accordance with EO 11007, February 26, 1962, to mobilize increased private participation in the Alliance for Progress. 1007), to promote the use of the metric system in the United States.40.6 RECORDS OF THE INDUSTRIAL COOPERATION SERVICE (ICS) 1918-19 History: Established in the Office of the Secretary of Commerce, January 1, 1919, under a Presidential authorization of December 3, 1918, absorbing certain functions of the abolished Conservation Division, War Industries Board, which had been established, May 9, 1918, as the successor to the Commercial Economy Board, Council of National Defense, established March 27, 1917. 476), to investigate labor and industrial practices. Textual Records: Minutes of the commission, 1898-1902. 40.7.2 Records of the Industrial Board History: Established in the Office of the Secretary of Commerce in February 1919. Terminated by failure of appropriations, October 1, 1982.ICS served as a clearinghouse for study and discussion of business and industrial problems, including standardization, waste utilization, and product development. Textual Records: Minutes, annual reports, research reports, surveys, and studies, 1979-82.

Us department of commerce foreign trade division

40.7.9 Records of the President's Interagency Task Force on Women Business Owners History: Established by President Carter's memorandum of August 4, 1977, to evaluate existing data on women entrepreneurs, identify discouraging or discriminatory practices and conditions, assess federal programs and practices related to women in business, and propose changes in federal law, regulation, and practice.Chaired by Anne Wexler, Deputy Under Secretary for Regional Affairs.Officially terminated 120 days after first meeting of the Task Force on November 14, 1977. Questionnaires from a survey of women-owned businesses, 1977-78. 40.7.10 Records of the National Fish and Seafood Promotional Council (NFSPC) History: Established by the Fish and Seafood Promotion Act of 1986 (100 Stat. Printed and audiovisual advertising and promotional materials, 1989-90.3715), November 14, 1986, to develop a marketing and promotion plan, and educate consumers about fish and seafood. 40.7.11 Records of other commissions, councils, and boards Textual Records: Records of the Advisory Committee on Export Policy, including subcommittee files, 1947-62 (143 ft.).NFSPC activities indefinitely suspended, December 31, 1991. Security-classified records of the Trade Policy Committee, 1958-63.