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Deutsche Bank may trade prior to or alongside a counterparty's. Deutsche Bank may also benefit from reduced transaction costs when.Deutsche Bank may use the economic terms of customer trade. or for the benefit of other customers prior to execution of any trade request that.Follow-up activities. 91. Monitoring one's success with the Trade Fair Benefit Check. market, comparing prices and sales terms, trying out products, discussing. tomers, has always been a significant aspect of German trade fairs. Trade fair.Benefit from German insights combined with international expertise. you need a banking partner with a strong worldwide network and a long-term strategy. Nba trades 2016 17. Containing "countervailing benefit" – German-English dictionary and search engine. 95% of the overall market measured in terms of traffic minutes, the existing barriers. i the request shows that a significant change in the pattern of trade.Institutions supervised by the German Federal Insurance Office. to the legal supervision of the statutory health and long-term care insurance, with the Federal Ministry of Health. age, sex and the drawing of disability benefits for reduced earning capacity, but also. Industry/Trade professional insurance associations 9.Violation of business or trade secrets of a business physically located within the. 'consideration' means any material benefit given in exchange for someone's acts. 1 Imprisonment shall be for a fixed term unless the law provides for life.

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Trade fair. INHORGENTA MUNICH exhibitors. The INHORGENTA MUNICH. at a glance that will enable you and your employees to benefit from the fair.Standards + Innovation Awards” for German nominees. and associations accepted DIN's invitation to a discussion on “Trade and international.Start studying Econ Chapter 8, problems. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Things are going against the normal trade. Deutsche Bank acts on an arm’s length basis and does not act as agent, fiduciary, or advisor or in any similar capacity or undertake any of the duties that an entity acting in any such capacity ordinarily would perform, unless expressly agreed, and then only where we act with discretion in execution or where there is a specific regulatory obligation.Each counterparty is expected to independently evaluate the appropriateness and suitability of any transaction that it is considering based on its own, objectives and circumstances and its independent assessment of the transaction’s merits.Therefore, statements from Deutsche Bank should not be construed as recommendations or financial or investment advice (within the definitions set out in Directive 2014/65/EU (“Mi FID II”)), or as an inducement or offer, invitation or solicitation of securities, transactions or other financial products which can be accepted by you without further action from Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank does not take orders in fixed income markets, except in limited instances for certain product classes.When Deutsche Bank agrees to work a counterparty’s order, we are only indicating a willingness to attempt to enter into the trade requested by the counterparty and are not obliged to enter into any transaction or guaranteeing the full or partial execution of such order.We will exercise our discretion in deciding whether to work the order, which orders we are willing to execute and when and how to execute all or any part of an order. Trading paint iracing. When Deutsche Bank agrees to work an order over a period of time or otherwise to accept an order involving the exercise of discretion, Deutsche Bank will endeavour to exercise this discretion reasonably and fairly, but, unless otherwise agreed, Deutsche Bank is not committed to executing all or any part of the order in any particular way.Deutsche Bank is a market maker in fixed income products and as such may provide liquidity to multiple counterparties at the same time.As a result, Deutsche Bank may need to consider competing interests in executing its counterparties’ trade requests.Deutsche Bank may trade prior to or alongside a counterparty’s transaction in order to facilitate execution with other counterparties, to manage risk, to source liquidity and for other reasons.

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Deutsche Bank may hedge any exposure that would be created by a transaction prior to the execution of that transaction (sometimes referred to as “pre-hedging”).We may also choose to leave a position unhedged or partially hedged.Any profit or loss resulting from such trading will accrue to Deutsche Bank. Wits trade data units. These market-making and hedging activities can have an impact on transaction pricing, timing and the availability of liquidity at levels necessary to execute transactions with you.They can also trigger, or delay, or prevent the trigger of, take profit or stop loss or other limit orders and contractual barriers, such as knock-outs or knock-ins, affecting the value of a transaction to a counterparty.We may establish, adjust or unwind any hedge from time to time in our discretion, including before the time for determination of a benchmark, fixing rate, or barrier or stop level which is a term of any of your transactions.

Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "trade benefits" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen.With a comprehensive free trade agreement between EU and India, this situation could change. In terms of gross domestic product GDP, both sides could.Български, čeština, dansk, Deutsch, eesti, ελληνικά, English, español. The EU is the first major partner to strike a trade pact with Mercosur. Juncker said “I measure my words carefully when I say that this is a historical moment. is a fair and balanced deal with opportunities and benefits on both sides. Agriculture foreign trade politics. Indonesia is a member of the WTO since 1995 and benefits from trade. in the region in terms of GDP 35% and the EU's 5th largest trading partner in ASEAN.E*TRADE Financial benefits and perks, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and. Not great in terms of paternity, they do not have a program.We pay your supplier immediately. You benefit from flexible repayment plans. ✓ Gain financial flexibility ✓ Preserve liquidity ✓ Invest in your growth. VAI is your.

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In determining any markup or spread applicable for a particular transaction, we may consider factors such as liquidity of the transaction type in prevailing markets, the size and/or complexity of the transaction, credit risk, counterparty risk, maturity, balance sheet and capital usage, risk limit utilisation, trade processing costs, sales efforts, hedging costs, hedge effectiveness and any other relevant considerations.Deutsche Bank may also be compensated in the form of an agreed fee.In executing transactions, Deutsche Bank may look for market opportunities that satisfy both a price where we can execute a counterparty’s trade request and earn an appropriate return for that activity, including while managing and prioritising other interests, positions and executions for Deutsche Bank and other counterparties. Philippines trade. Propose terms of trade that will benefit both Kate and Jim 1 head of lettuce = X tomatoes - for Kate, 1L=1.67T. For Jim, 1L=0.5T. So as long as X is between 0.5T & 1.67T, trade will benefit both Kate and JimWithin the province of each importing country to determine, in accordance with the provisions of its law, for the purpose of applying the most-favoured-nation.Before making an investment decision, you should rely on your own assessment of the person making the trading decisions and the terms of all the legal.

Lord German. term 'trade with the EU' to mean trade with these Member States. As a member of the Single Market, the UK benefits from.The authors of a Science paper on global wildlife trade respond to an editorial published on Mongabay that criticized their methodology.RELATED TERMS. Net Exporter A net exporter is a country or territory whose value of exported. Balance Of Trade - BOT The balance of trade is the difference between a country's import. Import An import is a good or service brought into one country from. Import And Export Price indexes. Chinese auto industry trade war. As discussed below under the heading “Electronic execution tools,” in certain markets, such as foreign exchange, U. Treasuries and other sovereign bonds, Deutsche Bank may utilise internally developed electronic tools to access both external and internal sources of liquidity in order to provide what we deem to be the appropriate bids and offers, and executions, reasonably available under the circumstances.These tools may include algorithms, internalisation engines and/or smart order routers, such that all or part of a transaction may be executed on the basis of pricing from various external liquidity sources, including certain trading venues that electronically provide information to us regarding their available and accessible liquidity.Unless expressly agreed otherwise, Deutsche Bank’s prices are indicative only.

Terms of trade benefit deutsch

A transaction shall only be treated as having been executed at the time when Deutsche Bank accepts a counterparty’s trade request (which constitutes an offer to enter into a transaction with Deutsche Bank), which may be prior to receipt of communication by a counterparty in relation to the relevant transaction.Deutsche Bank may in its sole discretion accept or reject any offer to enter into a transaction for any reason, including the expiration or withdrawal of an indicated price or if Deutsche Bank determines that there is not sufficient liquidity in the market to execute at that price.We are not generally obligated to disclose to you why we were unable to execute your trade request or why we accepted or rejected your offer. Dwight howard trade wizards. If we execute a trade request, the costs or benefits of any price changes arising from any risk management practices in connection with such execution may, in our discretion, be retained by us or passed on to you.If a transaction is executed “at market,” “at latest” or on similar terms, it will be executed at Deutsche Bank’s then-current bid or offer for that particular counterparty at the time of execution (with application of an appropriate spread or mark-up as discussed above), such that the counterparty is exposed to market movements between the time at which its trade instruction was submitted and the time at which the resulting transaction is executed.When a counterparty transmits a trade request to Deutsche Bank on any electronic platform (including any platform operated by a third party), Deutsche Bank shall follow the procedures agreed with the counterparty (such as those sent out in this document and any agreement or terms for electronic trading) and, where not conflicting, those applicable to the relevant execution method and platform.

Terms of trade benefit deutsch

As part of the trade acceptance process operated by Deutsche Bank, we may apply a number of risk management and operational controls automatically before a trade request is accepted or rejected (such as a price check, limits on counterparty exposure, credit checks, permissioning of instruments, and other controls).At Deutsche Bank these controls employed prior to trade acceptance are referred to collectively as “last look”.The price check feature of last look is a control that is used to identify whether a counterparty’s trade request is made at a price that, at the moment of the trade acceptance decision, is within Deutsche Bank’s price tolerance for execution for that counterparty. Lending of margin trading. This control may be applied immediately upon receipt of a submitted trade request and after application of all other last look checks, or after a short delay.In each case, Deutsche Bank compares the price for the relevant instrument included in the counterparty’s trade request with the price at which Deutsche Bank calculates that it is willing to trade with that counterparty, based on then-current market information (the “refreshed price.”) If the price check shows that the refreshed price has moved relative to the price included in the counterparty’s trade request by more than the relevant price tolerance for that counterparty, Deutsche Bank will reject the trade request.Otherwise, subject to other controls and the agreement between us, Deutsche Bank will accept the trade request.