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It will help you to save much money in comparison with buying auto parts separately.[Federal Register Volume 74, Number 119 (Tuesday, June 23, 2009)] [Rules and Regulations] [Pages 29741-29860] From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office [gov] [FR Doc No: E9-13801] Page 29742 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Office of Foreign Assets Control 31 CFR Chapter V Alphabetical Listing of Blocked Persons, Blocked Vessels, Specially Designated Nationals, Specially Designated Terrorists, Specially Designated Global Terrorists, Foreign Terrorist Organizations, and Specially Designated Narcotics Traffickers AGENCY: Office of Foreign Assets Control, Treasury. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY: The Office of Foreign Assets Control (``OFAC'') of the Department of the Treasury is amending Appendix A to 31 CFR chapter V to: Reflect the addition to, or removal from, Appendix A, since it was last published, of the names of individuals and entities subject to the various economic sanctions programs administered by OFAC; provide updated identifying and clarifying information for certain individuals and entities included on the appendix; reflect the addition of Iran as an entity's associated sanctions program in certain circumstances and the removal of certain entities listed in Appendix A to 31 CFR part 560; and reflect the removal of North Korea as a sanctions program under which entities may be blocked. OFAC also is amending the ``Appendixes to Chapter V-Note,'' which contains notes applicable to both Appendix A and Appendix B to 31 CFR chapter V, to reflect changes in the status of several programs and to clarify the obligations of financial institutions with respect to blocked vessels. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Assistant Director, Compliance Programs, tel.: 202/622-2490, Office of Foreign Assets Control, or Chief Counsel (Foreign Assets Control), tel.: 202/622-2410, Office of the General Counsel, Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC 20220 (not toll free numbers). ||A A TRADING FZCO, P. O. Box 37089, Dubai. RAZZIQ, Abu Sufian al-Salamabi Muhammed. Ahmed; a.k.a. ADVANCED TRADING AND CHEMICAL. WORKS. AL-JABBARI, Deiman Alhasenben Ali a.k.a. IZZAT.Al Jabbari Carpets Trading Ltd المقر. Distribution Company – FZCO المقر الرئيسي مطار دبي، المنطقة الحرة – شارع.Montreal, Quebec H2L 1K3, Canada CUBA A A TRADING FZCO, P. O. Dieman Abdulkadir a.k.a. AL-JABBARI, Deiman Alhasenben Ali.]] Forex fundamental analysis step by step guide. A A TRADING FZCO, P. O. Box 37089, Dubai. United Arab. wife of Izzat Ibrahim Al-Duri individual. IRAQ2. JABBARI, Deiman Alhasenben Ali. Fuerther.A A TRADING FZCO, P. O. Box 37089, Dubai. United Arab. AL AMLOOD TRADING LLC, Ali Rashid. JABBARI, Deiman Alhasenben Ali.Is Al Jabbari Trading Fzco your FREE company listing correct? use this LINK to make changes, add new information or another listing. Please share "Al Jabbari Trading Fzco" company profile across your Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts

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AL HAFIDH GROUP TRADING FZCO. Iraq Head Office Arrassat Alhindia, Baghdad, Iraq Tel +9647730 888 333 Dubai Office P. O. Box 92400 Dubai, UAE Tel +971 4 2957175Al Bareeq Trading FZCO Phone and Map of Address Office # 204, 2nd Floor, Al Dana Building, Al Rigga Road, Deira, DubaiLandmark Shares the building with Al Safadi Restaurant, Opposite Holiday Inn Downtown Hotel, Dubai, Business Reviews, Consumer Complaints and Ratings for Electronic Equipment & Supplies in Dubai.View Larger Map Disclaimer If you are looking for a job in AL BAYADER INTERNATIONAL FZCO or just looking for salary information in the company then this site is not for you because we does not provide the information that you are looking for. Agency trading. All such entities determined to be owned or controlled by the Government of Iran will continue to be listed in Appendix A to the ITR. Finally, OFAC is amending Appendix A to reflect recent changes to the North Korea sanctions program by removing several specially designated nationals of North Korea. Thus, while OFAC is removing the names of entities from Appendix A previously listed under the North Korea program to reflect the termination of the underlying authority for such listings, property and interests in property of those North Korean nationals that was blocked immediately prior to June 26, 2008, nevertheless remains blocked pursuant to Executive Order 13466. On June 26, 2008, the President signed Proclamation 8271, which terminated the exercise of authorities under the Trading with the Enemy Act with respect to North Korea. Frequently updated information on OFAC designations is provided for examination on or downloading from OFAC's Web site ( The President concurrently issued Executive Order 13466 of June 26, 2008 (73 FR 36787, June 27, 2008), which continued to block all property and interests in property of North Korea or a North Korea national that were blocked as of June 16, 2000, and remained blocked immediately prior to June 26, 2008, pursuant to the President's authority under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U. Among other data, the Web site posts changes in designations and identifying information, including alternative spellings and additional aliases, and provides lists sorted by sanctions program.

Al jabbari trading fzco

RD/TPR/631 - - RD/TPR/631 - - RESTRICTED RD/TPR/631.

Al jabbari trading fzco Updated information on OFAC designations should be consulted before engaging in transactions that may be subject to the economic sanctions programs administered by OFAC. Please note that some OFAC sanctions programs prohibit transactions involving individuals or entities not identified on this appendix. This amendment reflects the complete list of persons identified on OFAC's Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons list as of May 20, 2009, though alternative spellings and aliases are presented in a different format on the OFAC Web site. 0 For the reasons set forth in the preamble, and under the authority of 3 U. Trade prime cfds. Changes after that date are not reflected in this document. 553), requiring notice of proposed rulemaking, opportunity for public participation, and delay in effective date, are inapplicable. Public Participation Because the amendment of Appendix A to 31 CFR chapter V involves a foreign affairs function, Executive Order 12866 and the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act (5 U. Because no notice of proposed rulemaking is required for this rule, the Regulatory Flexibility Act (5 U. 13304, 68 FR Redesignating notes 6 and 7 as notes 7 and 8, respectively; 0 b. Except in limited circumstances, financial institutions are instructed to reject any funds transfer referencing a blocked vessel and must notify OFAC, preferably via facsimile with a copy of the payment instructions, that funds have been returned to remitter due to the possible involvement of a blocked vessel in the underlying transaction. Blocked vessels must themselves be physically blocked should they enter U. The ``Appendixes to Chapter V--Note'' is amended by: 0 a. The addition and revision read as follows: Appendixes to Chapter V--NOTE * * * * * 6. Financial institutions should contact OFAC's Compliance Programs Division for further instructions should the name of a blocked vessel appear in shipping documents presented under a letter of credit or if noticed in a documentary collection. Freight forwarders and shippers may not charter, book cargo on, or otherwise deal with blocked vessels. References to regulatory parts in chapter V or other authorities: [BALKANS]: Western Balkans Stabilization Regulations, part 588; Executive Order 13304, 68 FR 32315; [BELARUS]: Executive Order 13405, 71 FR 35485; [BURMA]: Burmese Sanctions Regulations, part 537; Executive Order 13448, 72 FR 60223; Executive Order 13464, 73 FR 24491; [COTED]: Persons Contributing to the Conflict in Cote d'Ivoire Sanctions Regulations, part 543; [CUBA]: Cuban Assets Control Regulations, part 515; [DARFUR]: Executive Order 13400, 71 FR 25483; [DRC]: Executive Order 13413, 71 FR 64105; [FTO]: Foreign Terrorist Organizations Sanctions Regulations, part 597; [IRAN]: Iranian Transactions Regulations, part 560; [IRAQ2]: Executive Order 13315, 68 FR 52315; Executive Order 13350, 69 FR 46055; [IRAQ3]: Executive Order 13438, 72 FR 39719; [JADE]: Pub. 13469, 73 FR 43841; the ``Appendixes to Chapter V-- Note'' and Appendix A to Chapter V of 31 CFR are amended as set forth below: 0 1. 2632; [LEBANON]: Executive Order 13441, 72 FR 43499; [LIBERIA]: Former Liberian Regime of Charles Taylor Sanctions Regulations, part 593; [NPWMD]: Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators Sanctions Regulations, part 544; [SDGT]: Global Terrorism Sanctions Regulations, part 594; [SDNT]: Narcotics Trafficking Sanctions Regulations, part 536; [SDNTK]: Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Sanctions Regulations, part 598; [SDT]: Terrorism Sanctions Regulations, part 595; [SUDAN]: Sudanese Sanctions Regulations, part 538; [SYRIA]: Syrian Sanctions Regulations, part 542; Executive Order 13399, 71 FR 25059; Executive Order 13460, 73 FR 8991; and [ZIMB]: Zimbabwe Sanctions Regulations, part 541; Executive Order 13391, 70 FR 71201; Executive Order 13469, 73 FR 43841. Appendix A to Chapter V of 31 CFR is revised to read as follows: APPENDIX A TO CHAPTER V--ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF BLOCKED PERSONS, BLOCKED VESSELS, SPECIALLY DESIGNATED NATIONALS, SPECIALLY DESIGNATED TERRORISTS, SPECIALLY DESIGNATED GLOBAL TERRORISTS, FOREIGN TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS, AND SPECIALLY DESIGNATED NARCOTICS TRAFFICKERS (as of May 20, 2009): 7TH OF TIR (a.k.a.

Page 29744 اختراعات جديدة وبسيطة للاطفال يمكن اختراعها في المنزل. Box 81465-478, Isfahan, Iran; Mobarakeh Road Km 45, Isfahan, Iran [NPWMD] 2000 DOSE E. 1-34, Cali, Colombia; NIT 805015749-3 (Colombia) [SDNT] 2000-DODGE S. HAVANTUR CANADA INC.), 818 rue Sherbrooke East, Montreal, Quebec H2L 1K3, Canada [CUBA] A A TRADING FZCO, P. Box 37089, Dubai, United Arab Emirates [SDNTK] A G REPRESENTACIONES LTDA., Calle 20N No.

Al jabbari trading fzco

9-43, Cali, Colombia; NIT 900015704-7 (Colombia) [SDNT] A. ABU AL-KHAYR, Ahmad Hasan); DOB ; POB Kafr al-Shaykh; nationality Egypt (individual) [SDGT] 'ABD AL-RAZZIQ, Abu Sufian al-Salamabi Muhammed Ahmed (a.k.a. RWR INTERNATIONAL COMMODITIES), 3 Mandeville Place, London, United Kingdom [IRAQ2] A. ABDUL KHALIQ, Adel Mohamed Mahmoud); DOB ; POB Bahrain; Passport 1632207 (Bahrain) (individual) [SDGT] ABD AL-RAHMAN, Abdullah Muhammad Rajab (a.k.a. Al eadek trading and industry. ENGINEERING LIMITED, 3 Mandeville Place, London, United Kingdom [IRAQ2] ABADIA BASTIDAS, Carmen Alicia (a.k.a. 39-65, Cali, Colombia; c/o DISDROGAS LTDA., Yumbo, Valle, Colombia; c/o RAMIREZ ABADIA Y CIA. 29021074 (Colombia) (individual) [SDNT] ABASTECEDORA NAVAL Y INDUSTRIAL, S. ``GIUSEPPE''), Via Padova 82, Milan, Italy; Via Manzoni, 33, Cinisello Balsamo, Milan, Italy; DOB ; POB Bab El Aoued, Algeria (individual) [SDGT] ABD AL HAFIZ, Abd Al Wahab (a.k.a. ABDUL KHALED, Adel 67-68, Cali, Colombia; NIT 800149060-5 (Colombia) [SDNT] ADMINISTRADORA DE INMUEBLES VIDA, S. Agua Caliente 1381, Colonia Revolucion, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico [SDNTK] ADMINISTRADORA DE SERVICIOS VARIOS CALIMA S. C., Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico [SDNTK] ADVANCED ELECTRONICS DEVELOPMENT, LTD, 3 Mandeville Place, London, United Kingdom [IRAQ2] ADVANCED ENGINEERING WORKS, Street No. 4-47, piso 18, Cali, Colombia; NIT 811038291-3 (Colombia) [SDNT] ADP, S. Box 44690, Khartoum, Sudan [SUDAN] ADVANCED MINING WORKS COMPANY LIMITED, Elmek Nimir Street, Khartoum Bahri/Industrial Area, P. Box 1034, Khartoum 11, Sudan; E-mail Address (Sudan) [SUDAN] ADVANCED PETROLEUM COMPANY (a.k.a. Mohamed Mahmood; a.k.a. S., Cali, Colombia; DOB ; POB Palmira, Valle, Colombia; Cedula No. ANAINSA), Panama [CUBA] ABAUNZA MARTINEZ, Javier; DOB ; POB Guernica, Vizcaya Province, Spain; D. ZAYDAN, Muhammad); DOB ; Director of PALESTINE LIBERATION FRONT--ABU ABBAS FACTION (individual) [SDT] ABBAS, Kassim, Lerchesbergring 23A, D-60598, Frankfurt, Germany; DOB ; POB Baghdad, Iraq (individual) [IRAQ2] ABBES, Moustafa, Via Padova, 82, Milan, Italy; DOB ; POB Osniers, Algeria (individual) [SDGT] ABBES, Youcef (a.k.a. ``RABAH DI ROMA''), Via Lungotevere Dante, Rome, Italy; DOB ; POB Algiers, Algeria (individual) [SDGT] ABD AL-GHAFAR, Sundus, Iraq; DOB circa 1967; POB Kirkuk, Iraq; nationality Iraq; wife of Izzat Ibrahim Al-Duri (individual) [IRAQ2] ABD AL-KHALIQ, Adil Muhammad Mahmud (a.k.a. 78.865.882 (Spain); Member ETA (individual) [SDGT] ABBAKAR MUHAMAD, Abdul Aziz; DOB 1961; POB Sudan; Passport 562605 (Sudan) issued ; IARA Peshwar, Pakistan Director (individual) [SDGT] ABBAS, Abdul Hussein, Italy (individual) [IRAQ2] ABBAS, Abu (a.k.a.

``OULD EL SAYEIGH''); DOB ; POB Al- Bawgah, Sudan;; alt. nationality Sudan; Passport BC166787 (Canada) (individual) [SDGT] ABD-AL-GHAFUR, Humam abd-al-Khaliq (a.k.a. RASHID, Humam 'abd al- Khaliq); DOB 1945; POB ar-Ramadi, Iraq; nationality Iraq; Former Minister of Higher Education and Research; M0018061/104,issued 12 September 1993 (individual) [IRAQ2] ABDALLAH, Mushammad Yusif, Avenue Presidente Juscelino Kubistcheck 133, Apartment 102, Center, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil; Avenue Presidente Juscelino Kubistcheck 338, Apartment 1802, Center, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil; DOB ; POB Khalia, Lebanon; citizen Lebanon; alt. 1110775 (Paraguay); Passport 670317 (Lebanon); alt. Passport 137532 (Paraguay) (individual) [SDGT] ABDALLAH, Ramadan (a.k.a. SHALLAH, Ramadan Abdalla Mohamed), Damascus, Syria; DOB ; POB Gaza City, Gaza Strip; Passport 265 216 (Egypt); SSN 5 (United States); Secretary General of the PALESTINIAN ISLAMIC JIHAD (individual) [SDT] ABDAOUI, Youssef (a.k.a. 1, Varese, Italy; DOB ; POB Sfax, Tunisia; nationality Tunisia; Italian Fiscal Code BDLMMD65M10Z352S; Passport L965734 issued expires (individual) [SDGT] ABDELNUR, Nury de Jesus, Panama (individual) [CUBA] ABD'RABBAH, Ghuma (a.k.a. ABDELHEDI, Mohamed Ben Mohamed Ben Khalifa), via Catalani, n. ``ABU ABDULLAH''), Piazza Giovane Italia n.2, Varese, Italy; DOB ; POB Kairouan, Tunisia; nationality Tunisia; Passport G025057 issued expires (individual) [SDGT] ABDELHEDI, Mohamed Ben Mohamed (a.k.a. ``ABU JAMIL''), Birmingham, United Kingdom; DOB ; POB Benghazi, Libya; nationality United Kingdom (individual) [SDGT] ABDULLAH, Abdullah Ahmed (a.k.a.

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Al jabbari trading fzco


8A-20, Jamundi, Colombia; c/o CONSTRUCTORA DIMISA LTDA., Cali, Colombia; DOB ; Cedula No. MARZUK, Musa Abu); DOB ; POB Gaza, Egypt; Passport 92/664 (Egypt); SSN 5 (United States); Political Leader in Amman, Jordan and Damascus, Syria for HAMAS (individual) [SDT] [SDGT] ABU NIDAL ORGANIZATION (a.k.a. AL HARAKAT AL ISLAMIYYA) [FTO] [SDGT] ABU ZUBAYDAH (a.k.a. ABU ZUBEIDAH, Zeinulabideen Muhammed Husein; a.k.a. RAHMAN, Mohamad Iqbal); DOB ; POB Tirpas-Selong Village, East Lombok, Indonesia; nationality Indonesia (individual) [SDGT] ABIDJAN FREIGHT, Abidjan, Cote d Ivoire [LIBERIA] ABO GHAITH, Sulaiman Jassem; DOB ; POB Kuwait (individual) [SDGT] ABRIL CORTEZ, Oliverio (a.k.a. CORTEZ, Oliverio Abril), c/o AGROPECUARIA BETANIA LTDA., Cali, Colombia; c/o INVERSIONES EL GRAN CRISOL LTDA., Cali, Colombia; c/o VALLADARES LTDA., Cali, Colombia; c/o INVERSIONES GEMINIS S. 79643115 (Colombia); Passport 79643115 (Colombia) (individual) [SDNT] ABS HEALTH CLUB S. 93A-27, Bogota, Colombia; NIT 830121474-8 (Colombia) [SDNT] ABU DHESS, Mohamed (a.k.a. ``ABU ALI''),; Holdenweg 76, Essen 45143, Germany; DOB ; POB Hashmija, Iraq; nationality possibly Palestinian;arrested (individual) [SDGT] ABU HAFS THE MAURITANIAN (a.k.a. 3002003 (Colombia); Passport AF368431 (Colombia) (individual) [SDNT] ABRIL RAMIREZ, Wilson Arcadio, c/o COOPERATIVA MULTIACTIVA DE COLOMBIA FOMENTAMOS, Bogota, Colombia; c/o COOPERATIVA DE TRABAJO ASOCIADO ACTIVAR, Bogota, Colombia; c/o COOPCREAR, Bogota, Colombia; DOB ; Cedula No. AL-WALID, Mahfouz Ould); DOB (individual) [SDGT] ABU MARZOOK, Mousa Mohammed (a.k.a.

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Page 29745 REVOLUTIONARY ORGANIZATION OF SOCIALIST MUSLIMS) [SDT] [FTO] [SDGT] ABU SAYYAF GROUP (a.k.a. COOPERATIVA DE TRABAJO ASOCIADO ACTIVAR), Carrera 6 No. 80226706 (Colombia); Passport 80226706 (Colombia) (individual) [SDNT] ACTIVAR (a.k.a. ACHURY VARILA, Hernan Augusto), c/o [[Page 29745]] COOPCREAR, Bogota, Colombia; c/o COOPERATIVA MULTIACTIVA DE COLOMBIA FOMENTAMOS, Bogota, Colombia; c/o COOPERATIVA DE TRABAJO ASOCIADO ACTIVAR, Bogota, Colombia; c/o ARCA DISTRIBUCIONES LTDA., Bogota, Colombia; DOB ; Cedula No.

Al jabbari trading fzco